Okay guys I’ve finally got the programming schedule finalized. For now at least I am going to have two separate divisions in our programming. The first being “CrossFit” training which will include a WOD as well as strength training (Squat, deadlift and Pressing) and skill training (Pullups, Handstands, double unders, etc). The second option we will be offering is our “bootcamp” style crossfit, this will include a WOD and Skill work; this will be more geared toward those who are nervous to do olympic lifting or really anything with a barbell. It may seem a little “un-hardcore” but I would much rather have people get in and learn to move well and eventually get to doing barbell work than do nothing at all. Eventually, I would like to add a competitor class but we will get to that when the demand is there! 

For the CrossFit class schedule we will be doing the following split for strength training/skill: 

Mon- Squats

Tue- Push Press and or HSPU

Wed- Deadlifts and or double-unders

Thur– Squats and or ring dips

Fri- Clean and Snatch work. 

If anyone has questions feel free to ask! 

Strength – 

Deadlift: 1×10, 1×8, 1×6, 1×4, 1×2  work from 65% up to 85% 

Conditioning – 

5 push press 135/95

10 pullups

15 box jumps 24/20″

4 rounds for time


Great day at CrossFit Upheaval this AM with Kara and Daniel! Everybody threw down like champs! Get out there and do some pullups; Troy is doing it…




Wide Grip push press – 5×5 @ 75% 


10 min AMRAP

7 Hang Cleans @ 135

10 Pullups

14 Situps


CrossFit Upheaval Opening

CrossFit Upheaval is officially open for business! We are currently for the month of OCT doing on-ramps for individuals by appointment and are holding limited class times till people starting are up to speed! If you have questions regarding class times or want to schedule a time for on-ramps call at 512-717-1234.


HBBS: 15 min to establish 1 rep max

Conditioning: 5 rounds for time

10 power snatch @ 95/65

20 hand release pushups


CrossFit Upheaval Coming Soon!

Hey Everybody! Its been awhile coming but finally we are getting ready to open up CrossFit Upheaval! Hopefully, early next week will be in business! This weekend we are going to be at the Round Rock outlets at Reebok promoting the box opening up! We will be giving away a few month memberships as well as some other raffle type stuff! Come out and see us if you get a chance. Should be a good time! We will be there from 12-4 on Sat and 1-4 on Sun.

I will start posting workouts early next week so keep an eye out for those!